Hello and Welcome to Dave G's web page

My favourite types of music are heavy metal/hard rock and my favourite bands are Metallica, Megadeth, Thunder etc. My main interests are music, computers, films (horror,sci-fi). I play the guitar and drums, and one of my ambitions is to meet and play with Metallica, so if any of the 'tallica boyz are reading this please can they can e-mail me.(joke)


      Latest Band:-     

Video of our original composition - Last Buccaneer

Aged 5 and keen to play

Still at school and just learnt to play. My first guitar
that I got sprayed all black.

A bit older and surrounded by guitars, amps & drums

Snapshots from Kalinsky's first video - I See You

Snapshot from another Kalinsky video - It's in the Eyes - shortly before I left